"How You Can Unlock The Secrets To A Perfect, Computer Like Memory In Just 5 Minutes A Day"

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Why do you forget? The reason for most of the annoying instances of forgetting is that you do not take the trouble to connect new information with some fact you already know. Isolated facts drop out of the mind quickly, but if you file new knowledge in relation to something already established in your mind, you will retain it and be able to refer to it whenever you need it. It is simply a matter of making a special use of your power of association, which is the beginning of all learning processes. William James said, "In mental terms, the more other facts a fact is associated with in the mind, the better possession of it our memory retains. Each of its associates be­comes a hook to which it hangs, a means to fish it up by when sunk beneath the surface." Association is making mental hooks from which you may fish facts out of your mind as you require them. This Mental Filing System will provide the mental hooks upon which to hang, or file, anything you want to remember.


THE SECRET OF A MENTAL FILING SYSTEM                                     15

Certain selected words, called KEY WORDS, are the mental hooks in your filing system. Each one represents a vivid image. Here is the system. Try it for yourself.




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