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The New Positive Concept of Self-Control


name to an agreement that bound you to do something, or else?

Even though you put great value on your personal freedom, and you would be wary of agreeing to do anything that would jeopardize it, you have committed yourself to certain things where a penalty was involved if you did not do them.

I'll name a few of the times you "signed your life away." You have signed sales agreements, particularly when you made pur­chases on a budget plan. Some of the fine print on those agree­ments bound you to an "or else" condition, yet you signed them willingly! In your vocation, you may have signed con­tracts that had all kinds of stipulations related to them, all of them most binding. Even when you opened your bank account, and applied for your insurance, you agreed to be bound by certain specific conditions. Probably right now much of your use of money, and your personal and vocational life, is influ­enced by such agreements. You signed your name to such bind-100

THE NEW CONCEPT OF  SELF-CONTROL                                             101

ing agreements because it was the only way you could have or do what you considered necessary in your life.

   Sign your life away!

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