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These are all agreements you have made with other people. But what about yourself? Have you ever made an agreement with yourself, to do something for yourself, or else? This is the most important kind of an agreement you can make, and I propose that you make one right now. This agreement involves not parts of your life, but rather your whole life, and I believe that you are ready for it.

You are ready now to understand a new creed of living. And you are ready to accept and adopt this creed. Self-influence has now assumed its rightful importance in your concept of the future. You are in a prime condition to effect control of your subconscious. You have been given the "keys" that will open the doors to that subconscious "Garden of Eden." All of this adds up to a new concept of living that can be defined in a "creed." Bind yourself to this new concept by asserting that it is your creed.

   A new creed of living

This is the creed of "do," the positive creed of action, per­formance, production and accomplishment. It is the opposite of the creed of "do not," the negative creed of rejection, pro­crastination, fear and failure.

This positive creed says "do, rather than do not"; "do, rather than talk about it"; "do, rather than wish"; "do, rather than wait.

Are you willing to embrace this creed? I am sure that it wouldn't take more than a little self-influence for you to do so. And I am sure that you are willing to say that your attitude

102                                                                                         YOUR PRACTICE

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