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toward it is that it is a good creed, and a right creed, for you. But like any creed, this one says a lot in a few words, so I want you to consider the "fine print" that is in back of those words before you go all the way and say it is your creed. Furthermore, I am sure you will agree with me when I say the acceptance of the creed should make a "noteworthy" impression on your sub­conscious mind. You will start out with a good attitude, of course, but the objective agreed upon should be to make this creed a good habit. So let's consider what is implied in the "fine print."

• Don't be normal

First of all, is this the creed of a normal person? Based upon your observation of others, you know that it is not! I can con­firm your observation a hundred-fold. Very few of the thou­sands of people I have worked with in our courses and classes had such a creed before I worked with them. Yet they all considered themselves pretty normal persons. Like these people, when they eventually adopted the creed, you are going to have to accept another designation than normal. Yes, if you adopt it you are going to have to accept the designation of an unusual, an abnormal person. For you will be a person who has veered away from the normal track and from living the typical, ultra-conventional life. You will be a person who is always on the productive, progressive track, and that is abnormal!

Secondly, you are going to have to discard any ideas about travelling in the middle of the road. You are going to definitely take one side, the positive side. No one is ever able to take a middle of the road stand anyway. He has to be on one side or other, and if he doesn't voluntarily make a choice, he is pushed to one side or the other, or pushed off the road. You are going to boldly take the positive "right" side and never veer over to the negative "left" side.

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