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   Be above normal

And third, you are not going to be able to live moderately, if such has been your interpretation of the "safe" way. The person who is living abnormally, and boldly travelling on the side of the road of his choice, is not living moderately. Moderation too often means appeasement and compromise. You can't com­promise with this "do" creed, so you are going to have to live immoderately!

This "do" creed, then, means that you will live abnormally, or above the normal. You will travel only on the positive side of the road of life. You will live immoderately, by going "all the way." Knowing the true significance of this creed, are you now willing to ally yourself with it?

You have not the slightest reason to be hesitant about your decision. This is the creed of a person who has established his own importance to himself. But there is still another vital reason for its being your creed. The creed of "do" is made up of the kind of stuff that makes subconscious self-influence clear and certain. You will have the highest score of "noteworthy" impressions on your subconscious by acting according to the creed. The creed will make your subconscious the kind of a partner you want it to be.

Are you adopting the creed? You are, so say "yes"! Say it aloud, so that conscious will of yours blinks a bit from the re­verberations and so that your affirmation is recorded on that subconscious camera as the brightest impression ever!

   Put a plus sign on yourself

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