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Probably to you, as it has been to most people, all of this is a new concept of self-control. It IS the modern concept, the needed concept in today's world. The emphasis is on "doing"

104                                                                                        YOUR PRACTICE

for self-control. It puts a plus sign on action. This plus sign brings into focus those positive terms of forward, increase, rein­force and progress. It negates the outmoded and negative "do not" concept of self-control, with its minus sign on action. That is the concept that puts undue importance on the negative terms of retardation, want but can't have, ultra-moderation and withdrawal.

Actually this apparently new concept did not mushroom up overnight. It has been a long time coming to this usable climax. From a psychological standpoint, it has a background of years of testing and development in the Simmons Institute and years of research and confirmation in the world of science. The years of experimentation are over. The time of practical application is here. Thus it is a new concept, but one which has been tried and tested by thousands of persons, and which has been stamped "approved" by them. Their approval means that you can have confidence in its practical application to your life.

• This is the turning point

With the adoption of this positive creed, you have reached a mid-point climax in your experience with self-influence. This is the turning point, where well-grounded planning has made you ready to step into the practice period. You are well armed with a set of plans that have been custom made to fit you and your life.

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