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Step 1. Set aside a time of the day or night when you can establish the atmosphere of a "retreat" for yourself, where your body is relaxed and you are at ease and where your conscious mind can concentrate on your "budget." A re­treat, as you know, invites your subconscious to be an alert observer of your conscious thoughts and actions. Since this is going to be a positive action on your part, it will establish an ideal relationship with your subconscious. While you are thus "in retreat," make a list of your goals, as you are able to identify them at this time. Write them down just as you think of them. Take your time, ponder over each item until you can make a clear statement about

PARTNERS IN ACTION  ...  IN  RELATION TO GOALS                       199

it. Little goals, big goals, get them on the first draft of this budget. That's all this is at the moment, a first draft. But do make it complete, covering all of your needs, de­sires, aspirations. It should be quite a long list! The very act of making this list is giving a command to your sub­conscious to do something about the goals. On the first night after this retreat, make the command even stronger, by reading and reviewing the list just before you go to sleep. Let the contents be the important thoughts. The next day their importance will be increased. Now you are ready for Step 21

Step 2. Established another time of retreat for yourself. Take your list with you, plus paper for your timetable. With the preparatory work you have consciously and sub­consciously done to set the stage, you will find that put­ting a date of achievement on each goal seems to happen "just naturally." Being intelligently practical about it, hav­ing not the slightest doubt as to the validity of your action, say about each goal: "This is when I plan to achieve it!" And put down a date. Obviously, this is going to put some time priorities on your new list, and you will end up with goals for the week, the month, the year, and even beyond. Stay with it, because now is when the list becomes a "budget of life." Put an alternate goal alongside of each major goal. List at least the first two or three action steps you will take in relation to each goal. Put a tentative date on each step. Now you really have a "budget of life," don't you? Just one more thing and you will be finished with this session. Make a list of each action step in a one-week period, beginning, say the day after tomorrow. Tonight, at bedtime, assign this one-week budget to your subcon­scious.

Step 3. The following day, spend another few minutes polishing up the one-week budget. Get the coming week's progressive plan all ready to go! Visualize it, this way: you

200                                                                                                PERFECTION

are getting ready to go to a big party. It's going to be a wonderful affair, exciting, with lots doing! You are all primed for it, and you can hardly wait for tomorrow! With this attitude, take the polished one-week budget to bed with you. Your subconscious will then be as well prepared for the big day, just as your conscious being is. The next morning, nothing will stop you from putting this first-class budget into action!

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