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You and Your Subconscious Mind
as Partners in Action
... in Relation to Success
Almost everybody likes to read "success stories." I suggest that you read the stories of people who have lived eminently successful lives. I have always recommended the reading of biographies to my students. The reason I encourage such reading and the reason the majority of people read "suc­cess stories," I have found from experience, are often at considerable variance. I do not condemn those who do not read them objectively, which is my reason, but I do feel that they are passing up an opportunity to get several times the value than- comes from simply reading them romantically.

   Success is true romance

Do I sound as though I am being a profound moralist and saying that you shouldn't read just for the sheer pleasure of it? I assure you that that is not my viewpoint. There is romance in success and in stories about success. Success in anyone's life is romance of the highest order, and it should be this way in your life.

Let me amplify my viewpoint because it can change your interpretation of "success stories" to your advantage. I want to encourage you to find the "behind-the-scenes" facts about success stories that will be far more stimulating than any melodramatic or extravagant "happy ending." If you could read a success story about a person, without knowing in advance who the person was, or what the "happy ending" was, you would read much differently and have a more objective view­point. If the hero was anonymous until the end, you would see him as a person not unlike yourself, with similar needs and desires and with a similar pattern of problems and opportu­nities in his life. But more than that, I am sure you would see that success came to him not because he was specially blessed-and set apart by Providence, but because of what he did, based upon a self-influenced life.

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