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   Before success

Unfortunately we don't find biographies written that way; as a consequence, the private thought of most people reading a biography are: "Well, of course things happened like this to that person! Just look at who he, or she was!" Nonsense! Of course, "look at who he or she was" after success put them in the spotlight. But more important, look at who they were before they became "hero" or "heroine"; look at them when

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they were at the bottom of the ladder and while they were working their way up! Look at the lives of successful people during those periods and you will find the real story of success, the story that is important to you.

   Success can be made to happen to you

Remember the list of successful people we met in Chapter 3? Things didn't "happen" to those people just because they had those names. You wouldn't know they even existed if it wasn't for what they did to make things happen. Making things happen, with self-influenced control, was what made them successful. This is so of every successful person, and it will be so for you! Therefore your success story is to be based upon making things happen that will result in achievements. You and I can visualize the "happy ending" that will characterize your biography. But most important is what happens between now and then. If your success story is to be written, it must tell of a lot of achievements, many things carried through to a good conclusion and much recognition along the way.

So, what is the definition of a successful person? It is one who takes his or her goals through to a successful conclusion, by making things happen.

   Don't compromise with failure

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