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You can say that successful people make things happen in relation to their goals, while those who compromise with life just let things happen and their goals remain daydreams. At any time, any person can start writing his own success story, no matter what his past record had been. As for yourself, you are already writing the first chapter in your success story through your experiences with this book of yours. Consider how true this is.

You have taken many practice steps in the use of sub-

PARTNERS IN ACTION  ... IN RELATION TO  SUCCESS                     205

conscious self-influence. You have been involved in action that has resulted in desirable outcomes in your life. The self-in­fluenced planning and the self-influenced action in each step resulted in an experience with achievement. In these ex­periences you have been a success, and my hat is off to you! You have proved this yourself: Established goals, plus "making things happen," equals success!

• Success is for today

Success is a lot of achievements, everyday achievements, achievements gained by deliberately making things happen. Success means following through to a good conclusion on every goal you set up. There is no other way to be successful! Success comes from putting your goals into action, step by step. Each time you take a first step toward a goal, it is an achievement! It is an achievement when you take the second step, and the third and every step, until you have reached a goal.

Since you have made this good start, continue with your success story by making things happen in accordance with the way you have budgeted your life. If you need to strengthen your attitude toward this positive action, go back and review Chapters 11 and 13. And always remember this: your sub­conscious mind is the co-author of your success story. It will make your success story colorful and exciting, if you will condition it to influence you to act so that many achievements —every day achievements that come from self-influenced action—come your way.

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