"How You Can Unlock The Secrets To A Perfect, Computer Like Memory In Just 5 Minutes A Day"

Breakthrough combination of Memory Improvement teaching and training techniques will show you how to boost your memory power and see maximized results faster than ever before!



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Success? Of course! In the proper abundance that befits a person who has established his or her importance in the scheme of things. That is you, isn't it?

206                                                                                                PERFECTION


A successful person is one who deliberately makes things happen.

He is one who takes action to achieve his goals.

Confirm your status in the ranks of those who are success­ful by giving recognition to your achievements. Recogni­tion, as you know, is a powerful factor in life. This project will give you that conscious recognition that you de­serve for your success achievements. But it will do much more. It is intended to impress upon your subconscious the fact that "making things happen" to bring achieve­ment is the way you want things to continue to happen. So, set up a Scoreboard of achievements that have been yours, and keep adding to the Scoreboard, day by day. You can make a good start by considering what you have done with your practice projects in this book. And don't think this idea of an accomplishment chart is "kid stuff." It's "adult stuff" and it really works. Take a look at success in your life and know that you are on the right road! This Scoreboard should be a piece of paper with three columns on it. The first column lists the actions involved in your practice steps (or in any other action where you planned the steps). The second column is headed "Planned" and the third column "Achieved." List every­thing you can think of that you "planned" and "achieved"

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