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Step 3. Once you have decided on the best answer . . . act on it! Act in response to the positive best answers . . . and turn problems into achievements.




Remember These Six Guides for a Planned, Purposeful Life:

1.       Do, positively, the creed that calls for action, performance, pro­-
duction and accomplishment.

2.       Deliberately condition your subconscious by what you do con-­
sciously. Wholeheartedly want the best outcomes from your
actions. Let your subconscious have free rein in demonstrating
its great power.

3.       Establish in your life a pattern of personal "retreats" where you
concentrate on your purpose in life, and look at your progress

4.       Seek guidance, and use all of the readily available resources to
equip you with practical, usable knowledge of positive living.

5.       Keep your program full of positive, progressive action by hav-­
ing several goals in prospect, on a variety of subjects, at the
same time.

6.       Take advantage of the full capacity of your subconscious to
serve you by deliberately giving your inner mind positive proj­-
ects to work on, even while you sleep.

This is the basis for the positive plan of your life!



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