"How You Can Unlock The Secrets To A Perfect, Computer Like Memory In Just 5 Minutes A Day"

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corded as it isWhat you have been responsible forNow you know the whys and whereforesAny change is your responsibility

15    The Subconscious Mind and Your Present                  139

Face the present squarelyThat will of yoursYour past and your presentYou can define the effectsThe determining balance

16    The Subconscious Mind and Your Future          144

You can see the future clearlyYou will control your futureThe future will be differentThe pattern of your future is in your handsNot the same old way of lifeNew paths lead into the futureObjectives are importantYour dreams can come true

17   You and Your Subconscious Mind as Partners in

Action                                                                            155

Stop day dreamingThe "magic power" is within youYou have made yourself readyYou have tested that powerGoals are all-importantYour subconscious in actionFirst step forwardThen, many steps forwardNothing can stop you

18   You and Your Subconscious Mind as Partners in Ac-­
tion ... in Your Everyday Life                             164

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