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THE SUBCONSCIOUS MIND                                                                      99

about is something you don't want, and our objective is to get rid of it. Let me help you pick an example. This might have to do with a driving habit. Perhaps you have the habit of driving too close to the car in front of you. It doesn't make sense—and it doesn't get you there any faster—but still you drive that way, even if it is dangerous and discourteous. What would it take to get you to correct this habit, a stay in jail, revocation of your driver's license? That's pretty rough treatment and it probably would only make you resentful. No, the way to do it is to decide that you will drive at the proper distance and then consciously check your action based upon that decision. The point is that you must first consciously decide to do something else and thereby replace a negative action with a positive one. This is an example of deliberate conscious control of your action; if you do it, it will make you feel pretty good about yourself. You will prove that you can do the best thing, if you want to do it. But more than that, this delib­erate conscious control is going to make a big impression on your subconscious, and eventually it will take over control of this new positive action, and make a new posi­tive habit of it. This isn't as difficult to do as it sounds be­cause such a change is a good change, and that is some­thing you always want to be able to do. Prove to yourself that you can do it, by choosing an habitual negative action of yours and putting a bit of conscious control over it. As a result, what happens in your subconscious will make a "Garden of Eden."

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