"How You Can Unlock The Secrets To A Perfect, Computer Like Memory In Just 5 Minutes A Day"

Breakthrough combination of Memory Improvement teaching and training techniques will show you how to boost your memory power and see maximized results faster than ever before!



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Power Tips to Zap Stress Out of Your Life








Stress Research                                                                                           


Identify Stress in your Life                                                                          


Your Stress Diary                                                                                      

-         analyze your diary

-         what does it all mean


Powerful Stress Management Tools                                                            


Manage Stress through Mental Imagery                                                      


Physical Relaxation                                                                                    

-         deep breathing

-         progressive relaxation

-         relaxation response technique


Rational and Positive Thinking                                                                  

-         thought analysis

-         change negative thinking

-         using thought awareness


Bust Stress Away                                                                                     


Laugh Stress Away                                                                                  


Self-Therapy for Nagging Daily Stress                                                       

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