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The intensity of our focus on survival takes from our ability to draw information from many sources. We can find that we are more accident-prone and less able to make good decisions.


To be most productive, our day-by-day lives require a calm, rational, controlled and socially sensitive approach.


We need to be able to control our fight-or-flight response; otherwise, we can have problems later on such as poor health and burnout.



Identifying Stress in your Life


Many people go through their days not aware of the stress in their lives.  They might think, “Well, how serious can it be if I don’t even know it exists?”


Regardless of how little or how much stress you have in your life, being able to identify it will be a big help to you.  Once you are able to identify the stress in your life for what it is, you can then go about the business of dealing with it more effectively. 


Make no mistake about it – if there is stress in your life, chances are you are reacting negatively to at least some of it.





Keep a Stress Diary


When you commit to keeping a Stress Diary, you gain important insight into how you react to stress.  This allows you to better channel your energy into performing as you choose to and not as the result of the unidentified stress that has a foothold in your life.


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