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Stress Self Test

Add up your score to check how stressed you are.

0 – 4 symptoms: You are unlikely to be stressed.

5 – 8 symptoms: You are experiencing a mild form of stress and are not coping as well as you can. You need to make some changes.

9 – 12 symptoms: You are experiencing a moderate degree of stress. You need to make major changes to your life.

13 or more symptoms: You need to take urgent action to reduce your stress levels. The higher your score the more urgent is the need for action.



Stress is impossible to eliminate totally from life. However, if we recognize what stresses us, together with how our symptoms show themselves, we can take action to minimize or reduce any negative effects.






Relaxation is every bit as much of an attitude as it is anything else.  When you know you are in control of your mind and body, you just instinctively know what to do about stress.


Taking the time to be mindful and cultivating a loving, gentle, stress free spirit means taking the time to relax.  Relaxation exercises can become a part of our daily routine just as sitting down to a good dinner is. Your body and mind will love you for it!




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